Solitaire Antics Ultimate


  • Individual statistics for each player are tracked by game.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Restart same game from the beginning.
  • Select a particular deal by number for each game.
  • Check for "no more moves".
  • Highlight moveable cards.
  • Speed your play with "one-click smart play" and special hot keys.
  • Thirteen card decks, 50 backgrounds, and 80 goofy Antimations.
  • Create your own game from millions of possibilities using the "Game Builder".
  • Solitaire Tours - tie together groups of similar games.
  • Help system features game layout and detailed instructions.
  • Compete online at

Includes more than 225 games

Aces Out, Aces Up, Acquaintance, Agnes, Agnes Bernauer, Agnes Sorel, Alaska, Alhambra, Ali Baba, Alternate, Alternation, Alternations, American Toad, Ant's Solitaire, Arizona, Auld Lang Syne, Baby Spiderette, Baker's Dozen, Baker's Game, Baroness, Bastion, Batsford, Beetle, Beleaguered Castle, Betsy Ross, Big Forty, Bisley, Bisley (12 Pile), Black Hole, Black Widow, Blind Alleys, Block Ten, Blondes and Brunettes, Brazilian Patience, Brigade, Bristol, British Square, Buffalo Bill, Busy Aces, Calculation, Canfield, Canister, Capricieuse, Captive Queens (Quadrille), Carlton, Carpet, Castles in Spain, Chameleon, Chessboard, Cicely, Citadel, Colorado, Cone, Congress, Corona, Courtyard, Crescent, Criss Cross, Cruel, Czarina, Demon, Deuces, Dial, Diplomat, Double Canfield, Double Chameleon, Double Easthaven, Double Fourteen Puzzle, Double Klondike, Double or Quits, Double Rail, Double Scorpion, Double Yukon, Doublets, Dutchess, Dutchess of Canfield, Eagle Wing, Easthaven, Eight Off, Elevens, Emperor, Falling Star, Famous Fifty, Fan, Fascination, Fifteens, Floradora, Flower Garden, Fort, Fortress, Fortune's Favor, Forty and Eight, Forty Nine, Forty Thieves, Four Leaf Clovers, Four Seasons, Fourteen Puzzle, FreeCell, Frog, Gaps, Gargantua, Gate, Giant, Golf, Good Measure, Grampa St. John's, Grandfather, Grandfather's Clock, Harp, Heads and Tails, House in the Wood, House on the Hill, Imperial Guards, Indefatigable, Indian, Intelligence, Interment, Josephine, King Albert (Idiot's Delight), Kingsdown Eights, Klondike ("Regular"), Klondike (Flip 3), Knotty Pines, La Belle Lucie, La Belle Lucie (no draw), Lady Betty, Lady Palk, Lanes, Las Vegas (Klondike), Limited, Little Billie, Little Forty, Little Napoleon, Little Scorpion, Lucas, Lucky Thirteen, Maria, Martha, Midshipman, Miss Milligan, Monte Carlo, Napoleon in St. Helena, Napoleon's Square, Nationale, Nestor, New York, Nines, Number Ten, Octagon, Parliament, Pas Seul, Patriarchs, Penguin, Perseverance, Picture Patience, Preference, Puss in the Corner, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Quadrangle, Queens and Jacks, Raglan, Rainbow (Canfield), Rainbow (Intelligence), Rank and File, Red and Black, Repair, Reserves, Reverse Klondike (Kingsley), Roosevelt, Rouge et Noir, Rouge et Noir (Jewell), Rows of Four, Royal Family, Russian Solitaire, Saint Helena, San Juan Hill, Saratoga, Scorpion, Scotch Patience, Sea Towers, Senate, Shady Lanes, Shamrocks, Shamrocks Up + Down, Shifting, Simple Pairs, Simple Simon, Simplicity, Single Rail, Sir Tommy, Sly Fox, Solid Square, Somerset, Spanish Patience, Spider, Spiderette, Squadron, Stalactites, Steps, Storehouse, Streets and Alleys, Sultan of Turkey, Super Flower Garden, Superior Canfield, Swedish Patience, Tam O' Shanter, Tarantula, Tens, Thieves of Egypt, Thirteens, Thirty Nine Steps, Thirty Six, Thumb and Pouch, Tournament, Trefoil, Triangle, Triple Line, Trusty Twelve, Twenty, Twin Queens, Ukrainian Solitaire, Unlimited, Vertical, Visual Pairs, Waning Moon, Waterloo, Westcliff, Wheatsheaf, Whitehead, Will o' the Wisp, Wings, Wood, and Yukon.

For some screen shots, check out the Masque Publishing web site.

System Requirements

Windows Version: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, Pentium or better, 32 MB RAM, 32MB Hard Disk Space.

Macintosh Version: Power PC, System 8.1 or higher, 32 MB RAM, 32 MB Hard Disk Space. Native OS X.


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